Washington, D.C.

- capital city of the USA named after the first president George Washington

- Washington is situated on the Potomac River and has four sections: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest

- it is home of the federal government and the residence of the president

- the population is about 692 000



- The White House - the tradition residence of president, it has 132 rooms and 20 baths and showers (Blue Room is for the President and First lady, Eeast Room is decorated in white and gold colour and is used for the state receptions) - built on Pennsilvania Ave

the US Capitol - the Congress meets here and the Library of Congress is the US national library

- The US Supreme Court – the highest court in the federal judiciary of the USA

In this city is also many famous museums. There is the National Space and Air museum, the museum of African Art, the national Gallery of Art, and many others.

Interesting place is also Folger Shakespeare Library where is world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s wor­ks.

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