- capital city of England and the United Kingdom which is situated in the north west part of Europe

- is UK´s largest and most populous metropolitan area

- on the river Thame

- almost 8 mil. people


- 43 AD first name of London was Londinium by Romans

- in 1666 Great Fire of London – destroyed many monuments

- 18th century – centre of commerce, fashion

- 19th century – the largest, most inluential city in the world


- 33 units (boroughs)

- The city of London – oldest financial centre, historical part, major business and financial centre.

- The city of Westminister – Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Oxford Street (shopping).

- West End, East End

Important buildings

St. Paul´s Cathedral

- the highest point in the city of London.

- seat of Bishop

- marriage Diana+Charles

The monument of Great Fire of London

- 161 m tall stone columns.

Tower of London

- it was fortress, a royal palace, a prison, a place of execution

- now it´s muzeum where tourists go to see the Crown Jewels

- it belongs in the UNESCO World Herritage Site

Tower Bridge

- the most famous bridge in the world

- it was built in 19th century

- the brigde raised in the midle to allow ships to pass up the river, it takes 90 seconds to raise

The Houses of Parlament

- political centre of the UK, home of the British Parliament (House of Lords and Commons)

Buckingham palace

- residence of the Queen of GB

- built in 18th century

- changing of the Guard


- the centre od London´s cinema land

- statue of W.S., Charlie Chaplin


Interesting places

The London Eye

- 135m tall, it takes 30 minutes to get around

- ook around 50 m


- royal ebservatory lies there

- there passes Greenwich Meridian or Zeroth Meridian

Hide park

- largest park, the most popular

The National Gallery

- free of charge

- trafalgar square



- Oxford street, Bond street, Covent Garden (most small shops)



- St. James, Hyde park

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